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Best Sellers

Okinawa Milk Tea

Famous for its roasted brown sugar flavors. Rich tea flavor along with a harmonious sweetness. Serve with freshly made black pearls.

Chocolate Milk Tea

Refreshing chocolate milk tea drink that is best blended with black tea along with harmonious sweetness. Serve with delicious tapioca.

Matcha Milk Tea

Refreshing beverage that is composed of your choice of sweeteners, black tea, and Matcha flavor. Serve with chewy texture black pearls

Charcoal Classic Milk Tea

It will taste like your normal milk tea. If you order yourself a traditional black milk tea and it has activated charcoal mixed into it, it will most likely taste like your normal milk tea. Activated charcoal could help lowering cholesterol, intestinal gas, etc. Serve with black pearls

White Rabbit Milk Tea

Do you remember chewing on White Rabbit Milk Candy as a kid? It’s hard candy wrapped in edible rice paper, you chew it until gets soft and oozes creamy milk flavor. Bring back your childhood memories, we have made for you a white rabbit milk tea mixed with black tea, white rabbit flavor and sweeteners. Serve with chewy texture tapioca.

Black Sugar Milk Tea

If you have enjoyed the Caramel smoky flavor of this confection, you might be disappointed to learn that black sugar is unrefined cane sugar - much like raw sugars like muscovado which are unrefined brown sugar. Black Sugar Milk Tea is mixed with black tea, fruit sugar, milk, and black sugar. Served with freshly made black pearls.

Avocado Milk Tea

in these last years, avocado has become a very popular fruit to a wide range of consumer. From health conscious people to drink lovers, we all love avocado's rich texture and flavor that fills our hungry stomachs. Avocado Milk Tea is made with a avocado flavor, milk, fruit sugar, and black tea. Served with freshly made black pearls.

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