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Allan & his partners (Ex-OFW) recognized the need of putting up a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines after working abroad for several years. Allan & his partners have an extensive retail, fast food, and restaurant management experience both local and overseas.

They worked in the food service industry for more than 15 years and have experienced with all aspects of daily operations including ordering, receiving, budgeting, merchandising, banking, analysis, customer relation, business development, training, and monitoring.

They are particularly skilled in public relations, are very dedicated to their work, are able to work independently, reliable, dependable, and hardworking.

The experience that they bring to the endeavor is invaluable, they have extensive service knowledge, are familiar with large chain, system, techniques, and sales building strategies.

While working in food service industry, they established a better understanding on retail & restaurant operations. They are service oriented persons.

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